An overview of the common casino bonuses

The kind of no deposit bonus options a casino makes available are considered to be one of the most important parts of their business strategy. These bonuses are how they attract new players and keep old players around. Unfortunately, a no deposit bonus can be confusing to people who aren’t in the know, especially if you’re comparing them to a brick and mortar casino “comp”. We’ve put together this guide to give you an in-depth look at the kinds of no deposit bonus you can expect to get from an online casino and how to take advantage of them. There are plenty of different bonuses at hand, with each no deposit casino offering their own unique range of deals.

Welcome Bonus/New Player Bonuspotofgold

The most common no deposit bonus you’ll find is the Welcome Bonus. It’s also sometimes called a first deposit/new player/sign up bonus. This kind of bonus typically involves the casino matching your first (at least) deposit by 100% or more, up to a certain amount. So, if the online casino offered you a 100% match up to £100, and you deposited £100, they would credit your account with another £100. The casino may also offer you free spins no deposit in your welcome bonus package. The best casinos are the ones that offer you the best deals, with a combination of matched deposits and free spins usually fitting the bill. You can find a whole bunch of great casino bonuses by visiting

Keep in mind that not all deposit casino bonuses and no deposit bingo bonuses are the same. Some will only match 50% while others might match up to 500%. You should also be wary about a casino promising too match a stupidly large figure. The more generous a casino is the more likely there will be almost impossible wagering requirements placed on when/where you can spend your money. Always take a look at the small print on a no deposit bonus, especially if they promise to match over 100%.

Reload Bonus/Deposit Bonus

Some online casinos will also offer what they call a reload bonus. It’s also sometimes called a loyalty bonus or a regular deposit bonus. A reload bonus typically involves the casino returning some money back to their players, as a way to encourage them to stay and spend with the casino. Many of the casinos listed at will have recurring reload bonuses for players that are active.

Some casinos decide how much to reload based on how much a player spends in the month. There are many casinos that offer this variation, but the result is a bonus far less generous than the typical Welcome Bonus. High roller gamblers at a casino, who spend more than four figures each month, may find their reload bonus is more appealing. Casinos also offer loyalty programs to these kinds of gamblers, with lucrative bonuses abound.

No Deposit Bingo Bonus

One of the most sought after types of bonus is the no deposit bonus, and this type of bonus is most common at bingo sites. This offer players a chance to play without having to make a deposit first, thus giving them a risk free chance at winning money in the games. These bonuses are much rarer than the other bonuses mentioned in this post, and often only available to new players signing up to the bingo room. You can find the best no deposit bonus deals at, which has a big list of UK operators with free bonuses on offer.

Bonus for Referring a Friend

Even though the refer-a-friend bonus seems to be on the way out thanks to their potential for abuse and how out-dated they are, they can still be quite lucrative when located. This is because the casino understands how important new customers are to them. One casino that makes excellent use of their refer-a-friend no deposit bonus is Virgin Casino; which gives players £100 for each new registration they source.

No deposit bonuses, along with no deposit bingo bonus, are great ways for a casino to get you to spend a bit more money than you normally would. Be careful though; these bonuses are presented in a way that looks like they work in your favour while they actually work out in the favour of the online casino. Even so, you can be smart about how you use them to get free money and start playing risk-free.